Mosquito Control

Florida brings all of us beautiful weather, year-round. People come from all over the world to enjoy our warm, mild climate and soak up the sun. With this hot weather comes one annoyance we’ve all dealt with before…swarms and swarms of mosquitos. Whether you are enjoying an evening grilling dinner on your back porch, or you’re finishing up some yard work in the backyard, those pesky mosquitos seem to come back time and time again. Mosquitos thrive in our climate and take up home near lakes, puddles, standing water, and wetlands. Not only do they provide an annoyance to us, but they also are known to carry diseases that can be transmitted through those tiny little bites. Though mosquito repellant and bug sprays can help in the short-term, mosquitos have been known to build a resistance to these generic products and many times we must go a step further in getting rid of them.

Here at Advantage, we feel that all of our customers deserve relief from these aggressive airborne mosquitos. Sometimes those screen enclosures, bug sprays, and over-the-counter products are just not enough in dealing with the problem. That’s where we come in.

Advantage provides you with effective, fast-acting relief from mosquitos. Mosquitos are known to breed near standing water and debris, thus finding the areas where reproduction is occurring can be key to gaining control. We treat known mosquito breeding areas around the home or office, knocking back the population and eliminating the breeding sites as we go. Our experienced technicians take the time to teach our customers how and why we treat certain areas, so that the customer can do their part in ensuring that they keep their home or business free from potential harborage areas in the future. Through proper education, thorough treatment, and confidence in the products and services we provide, Advantage is able to provide you with guaranteed mosquito control! Take your valuable outdoor time back without the fear of getting attacked by mosquitos. Give us a call for a free quote today!

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