Termite Control

Throughout Florida, large colonies of subterranean termites blindly forge beneath the ground, in search for food. These colonies are practically everywhere and likely near or beneath your home. The goal of termite prevention is to reduce your risk of infestation and unnecessary damage. Many homes suffer from the effects of termites and in most cases the infestations could have been prevented. What most homeowner’s don’t realize is that termites do not differentiate between new homes or older ones. This means that a new home is just as likely to fall victim to termites as an older home built even decades prior.

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Pest Control

Advantage offers your home, lawn, and business dependable, effective, and environmentally-friendly services that will protect you from all of those unwanted pests! Our fully certified and trained technicians bring years of experience to the table at each job site. They will provide you with a detailed analysis and written explanation of any pest, termite, or insect problem found on the premises, followed by a customized service plan to help protect you from the pest problem you’ve encountered.

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Mosquito Control

Whiteflies are creating havoc on ficus trees and shrubs throughout South Florida and especially in the Florida Keys. These pests have caused significant and costly damage. A new possibly more problematic Whitefly called the Rugose Spiraling Whitefly are targeting all varieties of palms (especially coconut), gumbo limbo and avocado. Tree removal and replacement could cost you thousands of dollars. We can help! Don’t fall victim. Our expert technicians will inspect your property thoroughly and advise a treatment and prevention program.

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Lawn Care

When it comes to the health and appearance of your home, a green, lush landscape is essential. A healthy flourishing landscape stands out in your community, adds value and appeal to your home and leaves a lasting impression. Advantage offers various treatments based on your specific lawn and ornamental needs. We can customize a lawn and ornamental program that will keep your landscape looking its best year round.

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