Termite Control

South Florida is home to several types of termites, each capable of doing extensive damage to your home or place of business. The termite colonies thrive in the environment South Florida provides for them, and Homeowners insurance WILL NOT cover the damage they cause to your most precious investment. The Dampwood Termite, the Drywood Termite, the Eastern Subterranean Termite, and the Formosan Subterranean Termite are the species that make their home in the areas we live and work. These termites can be known to go undetected for years at a time while causing considerable amounts of damage. 

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Pest Control

Living in Florida provides millions with beautiful sunshine and an ideal, warm climate to live in. People from all over the country visit Florida for the weather, and the countless great amenities it has to offer them. Unfortunately, this warm and wet climate provides a perfect habitat for the many pests that inhabit Florida as well. Pests such as mosquitoes, ants, roaches, rodents, fleas, and ticks call this place home. Fortunately, we have spent over 25 years finding successful solutions in controlling and eliminating these pests from homes across Florida. Don’t let annoying critters move in and keep you from enjoying your home. Advantage is committed to keeping your home pest-free with guaranteed results!

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Mosquito Control

Whiteflies are creating havoc on ficus trees and shrubs throughout South Florida and especially in the Florida Keys. These pests have caused significant and costly damage. A new possibly more problematic Whitefly called the Rugose Spiraling Whitefly are targeting all varieties of palms (especially coconut), gumbo limbo and avocado. Tree removal and replacement could cost you thousands of dollars. We can help! Don’t fall victim. Our expert technicians will inspect your property thoroughly and advise a treatment and prevention program.

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Lawn Care

When it comes to the health and appearance of your home, a green, lush landscape is essential. A healthy flourishing landscape stands out in your community, adds value and appeal to your home and leaves a lasting impression. Advantage offers various treatments based on your specific lawn and ornamental needs. We can customize a lawn and ornamental program that will keep your landscape looking its best year round.

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