No-Tent Termite Treatment

No-Tent Termite Control

Advantage Pest Related Services uses the “No Tent” method in dealing with drywood termite infestations. We thoroughly inspect the location, looking for signs of termites in and around the structure. Once identified, we outline a comprehensive treatment plan geared towards the individual situation to provide our customers with convenient, effective, and long-lasting coverage against drywood termites.

Advantages of No-Tent Termite Control:

  • Long-Lasting Protection/Product: Our termite treatments are completed using long-lasting, residual products that work both to kill termites at the time of the treatment and to prevent future infestations after the treatment is completed. Tenting and Fumigating your home is a very effective method of ridding your home of pests and termites alike, but once that tent has been pulled off the home, it is immediately susceptible to new termite infestations.
  • Convenience: When fumigation is completed at your home or business, the building must be left vacant for at least two full nights. This makes for an expensive and arduous process for the owners. Bushes and trees need to be moved away from the house, foods and medicines need to be packed up and sealed, and arrangements need to be made that add up to more time and money being spent away from home.
  • Less Risk Involved: Our No-Tent Termite Control Program rids you of the hassle, the time, and the potential damage that tenting can cause. We take the risk of your roof, landscape, and pool screens getting damaged and throw it out the window! We treat the termite infestation directly, as well as areas potentially conducive to infestation as a preventative measure. We guarantee results, and stand behind our work

Our Promise to You

If Drywood Termites return after our “No Tent” Treatment is completed, we will return to retreat the area of infestation at no charge to our customers.

(see your current Termite Service Agreement for specifics regarding Retreatment). 

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