White Fly Control

Florida White Fly Protection & Control

Whiteflies are creating havoc on plants, palms, and shrubs throughout Florida and the Florida Keys. These pests have caused significant damage and are continuing to do so. A new, problematic Whitefly called the Rugose Spiraling Whitefly are targeting all varieties of palms (especially coconut), gumbo limbo and avocado as well as ornamentals and vegetable plants that thrive here in our warm weather and climate. 

Several other species of whitefly, the Spiraling Whitefly, the Fig Whitefly, Bondars Nesting Whitefly, and the Giant Whitefly are commonly found in all areas of South Florida. These flies remove the water and nutrients from the tree or plant they are targeting, causing the health of plant to decline which can be visually seen as the days go by. Not only do these pesky whiteflies wreak havoc on the health and appearance of your landscape, they also leave sticky residue that can stain the driveways, patios, pools, and even the vehicles of the home or business owner.  

Some common signs of Whitefly infestation include:

  • Damage to plants, trees, shrubs can be an easy sign of infestation. Wilting palm trees, leaves turning yellow or brown, and a general loss of liveliness, growth, and color of the infested area.
  • A white, powdery residue on the back side of palm fronds, leaves, and shrubs. Can be noticed from ground-level and seen up in the leaves of palm trees or around infested areas of ficus bushes. If one looks closely, they will be able to see actual whiteflies and eggs in these areas around the underside of leaves and fronds infested with whitefly.
  • A “honeydew”substance produced and secreted by the whitefly itself. It appears as a shiny, sugary residue that can be found on the ground beneath areas of infestation.
  • The honeydew plays host to the growth of mold, and this mold can make the leaves of a plant or tree appear black and sooty. These black stains can be seen below infested trees and in areas around infestation as well.

Tree, shrub, and ornamental removal/replacement can cost a home or business owner a pretty penny. Don’t fall victim or let a growing problem become worse. We can help! Our expert technicians will inspect your property thoroughly and advise a treatment and prevention program to rid you of the headache whitefly can cause. Call Advantage today.

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