Fire Ant Control

Florida Fire Ant Control

The fire ant is a nasty insect that can be dangerous to your family and pets. They can be aggressive and will attack with vengeance once disturbed. The fire ant can be a serious health risk, especially if you are elderly or have allergies. On many properties, fire ants can be an ongoing problem. These ants typically construct dome shape mounds in sunny open areas of lawns, alongside or underneath concrete, play grounds, tree stumps, rotting logs or wood. Their nests can be flat and inconspicuous and may result in an attack on an unsuspecting victim. Fire ants often make their way indoors. If your lawn or landscape has been invaded by the notorious and dangerous fire ant, call for a free inspection and quote. If you wish to prevent an ant problem or your lawn already has been invaded, call Advantage. Our technician will recommend a program to control and prevent fire ants from further invading your property.

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