Commercial Pest Control

Advantage Pest Related Services has been committed to over 25 years of service amongst the many businesses in Florida.

Our commercial pest control division delivers an approach geared towards eliminating pests and maintaining a pest-free environment year around. We realize the need for a pest-free business environment, and we are dedicated to providing it to all of our customers!

We offer Commercial Pest Control Services geared towards a number of different industries, each requiring their own personalized program fitting the needs of each particular place of business.

Pest Control Services For Each Business

  • Office Buildings - Keep your employees happy and working each and every day in a pest-free environment! We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly options geared towards eliminating infestations found in and around the office, with treatments to prevent future infestations from returning.

  • Restaurants, Bars, Cafes - We acknowledge the strict food and drink regulations business owners must abide by nowadays. Advantage is committed to living up to the high standards these restaurants, bars, cafes, and food and drink providers must operate under. Rest assured, Advantage will provide your food/drink establishment with the most efficient and economical solution to your pest and rodent control needs, providing you all proper documentation needed every step of the way. Provide your customers a pest-free experience each and every time!

  • Condominiums, Hotels, & Marinas - Condominiums, Hotels, Resorts, and Marinas all must constantly cater to the wants and needs of their guests. In this industry, the reputation you carry means everything! A single roach or rodent found on the property can taint this reputation and send potential customers looking elsewhere. In this day and age, one quick online post about finding a bug in a customer’s hotel room can reflect negatively on your hotel for years to come. Take Advantage and make sure this doesn’t happen to you! Fortunately, we have years of experience catering to the needs of this industry. We will design a treatment plan customized to fit your exact location and situation, helping to ensure that all infestations are promptly taken care of and your condo, hotel, or marina is kept bug-free.

  • Grocery Stores & Food Processing Stores - Being in the business of handling and processing food requires a clean, pest-free environment. We provide you with all of the best treatment options, keeping a continuously monitored and maintained pest-free environment that your stores deserve.

  • Medical Offices - We currently service several medical offices and buildings that require the utmost care and attention to detail while keeping their offices pest-free. We understand the need to abide by each and every regulation on our end, as well as on your own side of the spectrum. We will maintain a pest-free environment, inside and out, while keeping the health of your patients and employees as our top priority.

Here at Advantage, we take pride in developing relationships with each and every one of our customers. We rely on communication between our pest control technicians and our customers in order to stay on top of each and every job. Our commitment to quality work and customer service has helped us in providing quality commercial pest control in Florida. With customized programs tailored to the needs of our customers and job locations, prompt service, and a company name you can count on, Advantage is the choice when it comes to eliminating pests!

Serving Southeast and Southwest Florida for Pest Control Services